Company Info

Name: Simulare Medical

Key Stats

Product: High-fidelity surgical simulators

Target: Hospitals, Surgical training programs, non-governmental organizations, medical schools

Sector: Medical devices

Revenue Model: Product sales, razor blade model


Cleft palate is the most common birth defect in the world, affecting 1 in 700 babies. The surgical repair of this defect is challenging to learn and teach, given the small oral cavity of an infant. At least 325 multidisciplinary centres around the world perform cleft palate repair procedures. For all cleft palate repair centres to remain centres of excellence, advanced training methods such as simulation-based training is essential. Simulare Medical is revolutionizing the way residents are trained, developing high-fidelity procedure-specific simulators that allow trainees to practice surgical procedures before operating on live patients. The first product, a cleft palate simulator, was developed and tested by Dr. Dale Podolsky in collaboration with four leading pediatric surgeons at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Market Need

There are at least 325 multidisciplinary centers around the world that perform cleft palate repair procedures, including over 150 centers in the US and 90 across the EU. Within those centers are up to 20 trainees that require multiple training sessions to reach proficiency, as a result the number of simulators needed is greater than 19 500. Additionally, there are over 50 NGOs around the world that have comprehensive training programs to teach local surgeons to perform cleft surgery. The largest of these NGOs perform over 150 missions a year in over 40 countries. For all cleft palate repair centers to remain centers of excellence, advanced training methods such as simulation based training is essential.