Company Info

Name: HelpWear

Date founded: July 10th, 2015

Key Stats

Product: Heart Monitoring Device

Sector: Healthcare, Wearables

Revenue Model: B2B


HelpWear Wearable Technologies is a company striving to better at home healthcare monitoring through the development of affordable and accessible technologies for patients around the world. Starting with the HeartWatch, a 24/7 at home clinical grade ECG monitoring system worn on a patient's wrist or arm. The device can detect anything from a minor cardiac event such as AFib, alerting your clinician for better treatment plan development, to more severe events. When a severe event is detected with the device on, emergency services can be alerted, transferring the patients previous medical history, a summary of the event occurrence and their GPS location so they’re treated faster and more effectively by emergency medical services.

Market Need

The HeartWatch was designed for the most critical cardiac patients. Allowing them to take clinic grade diagnostics into the home.