Company Info

Name: Greenspace


Currently, mental health practitioners rely heavily on paper-based approaches for administering validated assessments, which is onerous and outdated. The available digital tools are limited in their assessment options and are not intuitive. Greenspace’s platform improves the quality of feedback for therapists, while being simple and easy to use for patients. The platform helps mental health providers easily measure and monitor patient health outcomes. Patients complete medically validated assessments electronically and the resulting data is displayed to the therapist and patient in a visual and easy-to-interpret display. Based on scientific research and therapist feedback, Greenspace developed a web- and mobile-based platform that makes it easy to administer and track the results of evidence-based assessments throughout treatment. The resulting data will then be used to develop an algorithm to match new patients with the most appropriate therapists. The results and patient progress are displayed visually to patients and therapists.