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Name: AceAge


Improving patient health outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, and increasing drug adherence and sales is the focus of AceAge’s product. AceAge has developed a device that helps patients take their medication properly. Medication times and data are recorded by the platform to alleviate stress for the patient. Patients receive their medication pre-organized in a cartridge which is then placed inside the back of the device. The medication schedule is automatically loaded via a barcode. The device alerts the patient when it is time to take each medication and at the press of a button, the medication is dispensed and adherence data is collected.

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Market Need

Market Need

Proper adherence is critical to the therapeutic success of medication, yet patients still fail to take their medication as prescribed. Over time, drug adherence rates plummet, and by the end of the first year of treatment, up to 90% of patients stop taking their prescribed therapies, which is incredibly dangerous. As a result, 28% of emergency room visits and 23% of nursing home admissions are due to people not taking their medication properly. The total direct and indirect cost of non-adherence in the US annually is $290 billion.