Pentavere Research Group is a health technology company whose mission is to leverage insights from real world evidence in order to improve healthcare outcomes. Through its technology platform daRWEn™, Pentavere offers a vast and growing…



At AceAge, we have developed a device to help patients take their medication properly, and a platform that records the data of when patients took their medication. These together will increase drug adherence, which will…



MedStack is a cloud-hosting business and technology platform for rapid creation of health care apps, and has been designed with a focus on privacy compliance and the data requirements of healthcare institutions. This removes compliance…


Virtual Surgery Sim

Virtual SurgerySIM is a next generation training platform enabling surgeons to learn, collaborate and practice procedures in a virtual environment. The tool is customizable, can be used without limit, and uses haptic feedback to build…



VivaVax is innovating the vaccine industry through a novel method of delivery. The company aims to increase global accessibility of life-saving drugs and simplify the supply chain.


Iris Technologies

Iris Technologies is solving the problem of computer intolerance for concussion patients through its revolutionary computer monitor that does not trigger ones symptoms. This technology prevents patients from dropping out of school or work due…



Greenspace helps mental health providers easily measure and monitor patient health outcomes. Patients complete medically validated assessments electronically and the resulting data is displayed to the therapist and patient in a visual and easy to…


Swift Medical

Swift medical has developed a smartphone app that allows physician to precisely measure, monitor, and track patient chronic wounds. Wound care clinicians can securely share images through their mobile device, keeping an entire wound care…


Simulare Medical

Simulare Medical develops high-fidelity procedure-specific surgical simulators that allow trainees to practice surgical procedures before operating on live patients.



Komodo OpenLab is the maker of Tecla, an assistive device that gives people with upper-body mobility impairments the ability to fully access smart devices and technology.


SIGMA Surgical

SIGMA Surgical is a health-data company focused on streamlining and optimizing the surgical process using the data collected from the steps of common surgical procedures. The data is used to created targeted surgical reports to…

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OxiLight is developing a wound imaging system, which will be able to assess viability of tissues, monitor wound healing progression, and triage treatments at earlier points.

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HelpWear is a company that is trying to make at home healthcare monitoring and alerting more accessible and affordable to everyone in the world. They have developed the HeartWatch - an around-the-clock heart monitoring and…

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GestSure has developed a system that allow surgeons to access their imaging using simple hand gestures, with the same functionality as a conventional mouse and keyboard.