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Biomedical Zone Parternship

Biomedical Zone Parternship

Our Mission

The Biomedical Zone’s mission is to provide health technology entrepreneurs unparalleled access to the clinicians, health practitioners, and biomedical experts needed to develop their ventures. Drawing on the Stanford biodesign model, our focus is on needs-based innovation. Biomedical Zone companies address significant challenges in the healthcare system, improving patient outcomes and quality assurance while reducing costs. Our goal is to support biomedical startups at a critical juncture by providing deep and meaningful immersion in a clinical setting. We support entrepreneurs by facilitating early clinical and business model validation through direct contact with various stakeholders in the healthcare hospital system.

Biomedical Zone companies in the news

How a medical resident is helping surgeons around the world fix cleft palates

Thursday, January 5th, 2017 | In the News

Cleft palate repair in infants is one of plastic surgery’s toughest challenges. Now an Ontario researcher has created a better way for surgeons to practise it Dale Podolsky shows off his invention — a true-to-life model of an infant’s mouth, which surgeons can use to practise cleft palate repairs. (Fred…

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Turning a family-inspired innovation into a global solution

Saturday, December 10th, 2016 | In the News

Spencer Waugh, Founder of AceAge, was inspired to launch his entrepreneurial journey during a family dinner in 2014. A casual conversation about a final-year engineering project became the catalyst he needed to turn an idea for helping his grandfather into an industry-changing product. Waugh’s grandfather was admitted to the hospital…

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